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17/03/2011 10:41

RESOLVED: UK Network Suffering Latency/Power Issues (Resolved)

Affecting Other - UK Network | Priority - High

UPDATE @ 11:17:

Dear Clients,

Further to the previous emails, the outage appears to be resolved, and servers are gradually starting to come live again, without significant latency. If any servers lost power during the outage, they will need to be restarted, may need to fsck (check the hard drive) and some clients may notice thier website and/or stream down for a further few minutes.

At present we are unclear as to whether any servers powered down during the outage, or whether it was simply the network routers. We will be able to confirm further shortly.

Thanks once again.

Kind Regards

UPDATE @ 11:10 GMT:
Dear clients,

The fire alarm in the BlueSquare 2/3 UPS room has been activated and the fire brigade are in attendance. BlueSquare 1 (BlueSquare House) is not affected. We are in communcation with the NOC and they are unable to verify the status of the alarm at present.

This is the reason for the power failiure in the BlueSquare II and III facilities.

We will keep you updated, thank you for your continued patience.

Kind Regards

Dear customer,

We are aware that the UK network has been suffering some latency and timeout issues in the past few minutes. We have consulted with the NOC and it appears to be related to a power issue in BlueSquare II and III.

As to what extent this is affecting our servers is at present unknown, however at this point, it appears to because causing routing issues rather than a servers themselves having gone offline.

Clients on our offnet-offsite UK service, and all other locations are unaffected by this outage.

We will update as soon as there are any further developments.

Kind Regards

Date - 17/03/2011 10:36
Last Updated - 17/03/2011 10:40

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