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Can I Have AutoDJ On My Account?
As of March 2009, AutoDJ will be available on all Xcellweb.net accounts, however it will be...
Views: 1202
Can I Upload An Intro and Backup File?
If you are an Xcellweb.net customer, you can do this via your Shoutcast control panel.
Views: 1174
Do Accounts Include A Control Panel?
All Shoutcast accounts provided by Xcellweb.net include a control panel as of 1st March 2009...
Views: 1228
How Long Does It Take To Setup A Server?
All orders are usually processed within a few hours, and the services setup as soon as we have...
Views: 1281
What Formats Are Supported?
We support the following streaming media formats:- Shoutcast- Icecast- Steamcast- NSV-...
Views: 1281
What Is Your Uptime Guarantee
Our network uptime guarantee is 99.9%. This means, there will be no more then 40 minutes downtime...
Views: 1576
What Network Do You Use?
For our media servers, we mainly use the LeaseWeb network in Amsterdam, Holland. Some of our...
Views: 1922
What Restrictions Are There For AutoDJ Files?
All files you upload for AutoDJ must comply with the following restrictions:- Bitrate -...
Views: 1283

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